Atop the roof of Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro


Ascending the peak of our iconic Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint hearted; low oxygen, freezing temperatures, and tough conditions keep many away. However for those who brave these forces, the rewards are as momentous as the massive mountain itself.

For a hike on Kilimanjaro is about so much more than summiting the roof of Africa. It is about being in touch with your body as it meets the challenges each day, bonding with fellow hikers who are enduring the same experiences, and savoring majestic vistas in every direction.

Our final push to the top required a midnight start with all the sense of adventure and expectation as we began the slow but steady ascent. Catching some incredibly memorable moments such as the first glow of sunrise and our first glimpse of Uhuru peak, the morning’s trek brought us to that point amidst the rarified air of 19,344 feet!