After being raised in Australia where many of my early days in the bush filled me with a passion for the outdoor life, I moved to Kenya to fulfil these desires. For over 10 years I have relished my life as a Professional Safari Guide, which has taught me so much more than I could ever have imagined I could learn.

Since my first safari outing in the 1980s I have been entranced with the acquisition of knowledge about the African environment, and the biodiversity of the wildlife to be found here. I began my safari career taking adventure-loving groups around Kenya, Northern Tanzania, and to the Great Apes of Uganda and Rwanda. I have travelled extensively throughout the African continent gaining a sound knowledge of the many wildlife areas, cultures and exciting locations to be found. These travels have left me with many tales of safari legend.

A firm believer that to conserve the wildlife you must first know something of it, I helped set up an Outdoor Education Program for African children of various ages, exposing them to not only the animals but to the particular environment each species lived in. My work with children, and interest in their learning has given me a special appeal to families on safaris. Utilising specialised knowledge gained from his close association with a US funded wildlife research unit operating in Kenya’s Masai Mara, I have conducted safari ‘field trips’ for undergraduate student groups from American universities as part of their zoology degree curriculum. And in October 2005 I married Stephanie Dloniak, herself a PhD researcher from the USA. Read more about Stephanie’s research at www.msu.edu/~dloniaks