On the great plains of Africa – recent safari video clips

Every time I explore the vast Mara-Serengeti ecosystem I’m reminded that it truly does hold the greatest wildlife viewings on Earth. We’ve preserved some really fun and memorable moments of this magical place during a recent safari. Depending on the time of year, the Mara or the Serengeti is an absolute must for any inaugural safari, and perhaps even for a second or third safari as well! A few days under canvas in the heart of this region will be rewarded with outstanding big cat viewing, and always the chance of witnessing their mesmerizing predatory behavior.

New video of gorillas in the mist – Rwanda’s finest wildlife experience

A visit with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda has been celebrated as one of the very best wildlife experiences on the planet. Immersing ourselves for a day or two within the tangled montane forests that are home to these magnificent creatures is something that my guests and I count as an enduring privilege. The Virunga and Bwindi forests have also been a conservation success story with gorilla populations nearly triple what they were in the early 90s! Now with some of the most stylish boutique safari lodges in Africa, Rwanda has become one of my more popular – and favorite – safari destinations.

Aping around – video of the chimps of Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

Experiencing close up encounters with wild chimpanzees in an African forest alongside the deep blue waters of Lake Tanganyika rates for most as an ultimate safari activity. Very much the Tarzan storybook country, the forested slopes of these hillsides make for the most evocative of settings. Greystoke Camp itself is one of the most remote safari locations, keeping the romance of that real safari alive. Time spent out cruising on the lake complements the chimp trekking nicely to round out one of Africa’s best kept secrets.